Meet the New Power Rangers!

In case you haven’t heard – there is a new Power Rangers Movie coming!

‘Saban’s Power Rangers Movie’ will be a reboot of sorts, going back to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers era – the most famous one that ran from 1993-1995 and spawned Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie, also in 1995.

The new, relatively unknown rangers have been revealed through the Power Rangers Official Twitter Page.

Check them out below!

The original MMPR cast (above) also included Tommy Oliver. There is still no announcement of a Green/White Ranger – could this keep open the possibility of Jason David Frank returning to the role he is most famous for? Hmm.

FACT | Bryan Cranston, aka Walter White, worked on the original MMPR doing voiceover work and appearing as a number of villains!
The Blue Ranger ‘Billy Cranston’ was even named Bryan Cranston!!

Dean Israelite will direct the film based on a group of Angel Grove teenagers who are tasked with protecting the world.

Are you looking forward to this reboot? Will it bring back childhood memories or should Hollywood stop revisiting franchising and leave them alone? Make sure to COMMENT below!

In the meantime, WATCH this R-rated fan made Power Rangers film HERE! Release Date for Saban’s Power Rangers Movie will be January 13th, 2017.


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