Watch Keanu Reeves in Training for John Wick 2

Keanu Reeves is boss.John Wick. One of the most surprising movies of recent times. It reminds me of Taken when Liam Neeson pops up out of nowhere and becomes an overnight badass. Like Neeson, Keanu Reeves is now badass on the back of the stylish action flick John Wick.

As you obviously found out on rKade, John Wick is getting a sequel. In preparation for the role, Keanu does some seriously hands on training.

Take a look at the video below.I take my hat off to the bloke for his dedication to making an authentic film. He really does seem to be one of the coolest guys on the planet.

Just to add to the John Wick 2 hype – Ruby Rose is also starring in the film! Take a look at her instagram post to see how she is getting in shape for it and XXX3 with Vin Diesel.

Grinding for #Johnwick and #XXX ( Xander Cage not porn lol )

A photo posted by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on

What are your thoughts on John Wick 2 – Can it live up to the level that the first film set or will it be a flop like Taken 2? Please no. Plus it is worth saying at this point that Ruby Rose is BAE. Check her out before she did OITNB here

Have your say in the comments below! John Wick 2 is set for an initial release later this year (2016).


What do you think?

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