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Call of Duty WWII Announced – Back to the Glory Days?

Long overdue? Activision turnaround? We don’t care – at least it has finally happened!Although Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare did find an audience, the truth is, the majority of players and fans of the Call of Duty series in general were not happy about the direction this game was going. This was known even before the game’s release – the box art as changed in a marketing attempt to dampen down the space/futuristic vibe to the game.

Moving on, many of us have been in reflective mood – thinking back to Black Ops II, or even earlier games like World at War or before! So it’s no real surprise that Activision have dropped an announcement that the next Call of Duty game (2017) is called WWII. This year Sledgehammer Games joins the WWII ranks of Call of Duty with Call of Duty: WWII, which will bring the series back to World War II after nearly ten years. We can’t wait to tell you more about Call of Duty: WWII, so be sure not to miss the reveal livestream at 10:00am Pacific on April 26. We’ll see you there, soldier.Whether it’s Activision’s answer to EA’s Battlefield 1 we are yet to know. But if anything is clear, Call of Duty has lost a lot of ground with the last few releases. To be fair, it was at the top for so long – the only way was down.

I can safely say that a WWII can mean no double jumping – a more traditional boots-to-ground Call of Duty game. And the word ‘space’ is presumably worse than the ‘C’ bomb in the Sledgehammer Studios at the moment! (Let’s hope anyway).

For more intel about Call of Duty: WWII, visit and follow @CallofDuty and @SHGames on Twitter.

In the meantime, let me know what you guys think of the news – and you can also join in chat with the new rKade Discord Channel. Just head over to the forums for more! Call of Duty WWII is due out some time in November 2017, as per usual and coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC.STORY BYKADE MCCONVILLECreator, rKade.

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