FIFA 17 Set for Huge Graphic Update!

FIFA 17 will look even better. Thank you.
FIFA 14 launched with the release of the PlayStation 4 and brought with it a big update from FIFA 13 on the PlayStation 3. Despite that, fans such as myself were still not satisfied with the way the game looked. Things are set to change with the Frostbite engine making its way into FIFA 17.

Check out the reveal trailer below.The trailer appears to show a glimpse of Jose Mourinho which suggests that REAL managers are finally visible from the touchlines!

But the big talking point here is the incredible visuals of Eden Hazard. This is as good as he has looked all season (bar the last few games where he actually showed up!)

The Frostbite engine has been long used in the Battlefield series, delivering incredible visuals. Star Wars Battlefront delivered on photo-realistic pre-release game trailers. This helped to strengthen the Frostbite engine as a huge player in games.

PES brought the FOX engine into its games, which was created for the Metal Gear series. It seems like EA have followed a similar path and this looks set to create the most beautiful interpretation of the beautiful game to date. Permission to get excited. Just please, please do not disappoint us EA!
FIFA 17 will probably be released late September, 2016. But expect more news in just 6 days! Check back with rKade on the 12th June for more details on FIFA 17.story byother newsshare this story


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