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Project Cars 2 – The McLaren 720S

Project Cars is a truly impressive passion project, let’s be fair. The sequel is currently being developed, once again by Slightly Mad Studios. For Project Cars 2, to better the driving experience, they have worked together with well-known racing drivers to recreate that ultimate sim experience. To be fair, I’d be surprised if a racing sim didn’t do this anyway, so I’m not shocked about that. But what is impressive is to the extent and level of detail this working relationship reaches. Just take a look at this video below to get some kind of idea!“In our upcoming “Built by Drivers” monthly video series, we’ll take a deeper look at what contributions real racecar drivers are making to the game – from tuning steering weight to dialing-in tire feel – no detail is too small to be left untouched in Slightly Mad Studios’ drive to create the ultimate racing game with Project CARS 2.”“Discover why the McLaren 720S supercar in Project Cars 2 will be the closest you can get to driving the real thing. This episode details the painstaking process behind the in-game development of the new McLaren 720S by McLaren’s chief test driver, Chris Goodwin, to ensure the virtual driving experience matches up to the exacting standards of McLaren’s performance vehicles.”Pretty intense right? Nearly as much effort going into this as making the McLaren 720S itself! You can be assured that this will be a pretty challenging racing sim for those who are after that, so drop a comment below on your thoughts! And let us know what you thought of Project Cars 1… Project Cars 2 is coming late 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC.STORY BYKADE MCCONVILLECreator, rKade.

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