Rainbow Six Siege DLC Season 2 Begins This Week

DLC Season Two – Dust LineRainbow Six Siege has come a long way from last year’s launch. Not only will this week mark the release of DLC Season Two, Dust Line. But it will see even more gameplay tweaks and changes.

The following live stream gives a demo of the new content, which includes the new map, Border. Also seen in action are the two new operators, Valkyrie and Blackbeard.

Skip to 11:40 for the start of the Rainbow Six Siege stream!New Gameplay Tweaks to Rainbow Six Siege Include;

  • Improved scopes/optics (Yes!)
  • Change loadout between rounds (Yes!)
  • Changes to IQ, Tachanka and Montagne Operators.
    • IQ – Reworked gadget display.
    • Tachanka – easier placement of gadget and quicker equipment animation.
    • Montagne – the shield now has rounded sides to cover beyond 180 degrees.
  • New character headgear customisation.
  • Winning team and MVP screen at the end of the match.
  • Many more gameplay improvements (check the patch notes when they go live later on today).

Unfortunately, there is still no announcement of any new game modes, such as standard team deathmatch. My thoughts are they are holding this back for later down the line to give this game a longer life!

My love for this game has gotten stronger the longer it has been out. Quite strange for a game, really. The Rainbow Six Siege patch goes live 9th May (today!) The map will be live on May the 11th for all the players.

The operators are going to be unlocked on the 11th for all season pass owners and on the 18th for all players.
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