Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 ‘Operation Skull Rain’ Details

Welcome to Brazil.Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 is nearly upon us. The previous DLC seasons has given us Operation Black Ice, Operation Dust Line and now Operation Skull Rain!

Skull Rain will take us to Brazil; with a new map and 2 new operators to boot. This is the norm for such season releases for Siege.

The two new operators are outlined below…She possesses the “Silent Step” skill that enables her to sneak up on enemies to immobilize and then interrogate them to reveal their teammates’ location. Her arsenal includes an M12 and SPAS-15 for primary weapons, a PRB92 as a secondary, and Nitro Cell C4 and Barbed Wire for gadgets.Capitão carries a tactical crossbow that can fire asphyxiating bolts that burn oxygen within a certain radius, as well as micro smoke grenades that can mask positions and team movements. Capitão also has an M-249 and PARA-308 for primary weapon options, a PRB92 for secondary, and frag and stun grenades rounding out his available arsenal.These are not the only changes to come with Rainbow Six Siege Season 3. Other gameplay improvements are also included.

‘Tactical realism’ is a new addition to custom game modes. Tactical realism means a hardcore-ish mode which prevents us from marking enemies. As a result, only the timer, compass, gadget and weapon panels are to be visible on the HUD. Shit just got real.

On top of this, there is no kill confirmation on the screen. This could make for interesting situations of ” oh shit. Did he die, is he downed or is that bitch still alive!?” Think of a long distance kill…do you come out of cover to see whether you actually did kill him or do you stay put and play it safe?

Realistic magazine management also makes an appearance in tactical realism mode. I am assuming this is when you have the given situation;

Let’s say you have 100 bullets left. You use 8/16 in a given magazine (92 bullets left). Now, usually if you reload here it would leave you with 92 bullets. But, a realistic magazine management would effectively mean you are left with 84 bullets, because you wasted the other 8 bullets that were left in the magazine. This isn’t confirmed by Ubisoft but I hope that made sense anyway! This will seemingly stop you from reloading after every couple of bursts, forcing you to be more ‘tactical’ (oioi) of your use of fire.Operation Skull Rain will also have a new map for teams to do battle. Set in a Brazilian favela, this new map supports exterior shell destruction, making it Rainbow Six Siege’s most destructible map to date. The new map will be free for all players.Another announced update is a new gun angled-grip attachment. The grip allows for faster ADS when in combat, speeding up the gameplay in the process.

To round off the updates, a ‘surrender system’ is now in place, where with a majority vote (in ranked matches only) you can surrender the round. This is only available before the 3rd round.

It really is surprising the amount of post-launch support Rainbow Six: Siege has received. Yes, you would expect new map packs and the announced operators. But the balances to gameplay, the tweaks to operators and gadgets really do show that Ubisoft are developing this game even after release! Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 strengthens the game and increases the number of operators to 26 overall, excluding recruit.

You can check out the last major update for Season 2 right HERE. Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 Operation Skull Rain expansion is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on August 2.
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