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Revisiting Rainbow Six Siege [Tactical Realism]

During Year 1, Season 3 of Rainbow Six Siege – we got the Skull Rain DLC which brought us the Favela Map along with the operators Capitao and Caviera.

This was 12 months ago now, but there was something that also released along with the Skull Rain DLC – ‘Tactical Realism’ mode.

Tactical realism is effectively Siege’s hardcore mode, but in a pretty extreme way. The main differences to this game mode are;

  • Limited HUD (Heads Up Display)
  • Realistic Magazine Management for ammo
  • Removing kill confirmations
  • Cannot mark enemies

I played it upon release and despite someone who loves playing hardcore mode on games such as Battlefield and Call of Duty – tactical realism is another level of hardcore.

Last night, I revisited the game mode in a private game with my brother heading up the opposition team.

Check out the full game below and drop a sub on the rKade YouTube channel x

It’s crazy, right? This is still only available in a custom playlist and hasn’t made it into matchmaking yet – and doesn’t really sound like it will anytime soon.

Let me know if you have played tactical realism in Rainbow Six Siege and share your thoughts in the comments below!STORY BYKADE MCCONVILLECreator, rKade.

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Written by Kade McConville

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