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Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 Review

Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 Patch Notes // Reviewed by SetzarothReview GuideOperatorsMapNew Universal Weapon Skins/Pro League SkinsNew Game Mode / Surrender SystemClient Side Anti-Cheat and Related TweaksLimb ClippingAccuracy of KillcamRanked Lobby Information ChangeNew Loadout ScreenWeapon Customisation & General Player ComfortSeasonal Reward CharmConclusionOperatorsOverall, they are decent. Not too strong, not too weak. A far cry from season 2 where each new operator turned the meta on its head. Now we have an attacker who is essentially smoke if you gave him a crossbow, and someone for all the Jäger roamers to pick so they can go play Rambo by themselves. I don’t have much to say about the attacker, but this new defender seems incredibly situational, and potentially useless at high-level play. I don’t foresee her turning the tide of battle in Gold-Diamond matches. Conceptually she’s really cool however, and if you actually manage to pull off an interrogation, it can ruin the attackers day if your team is paying attention. (Don’t hold your breath on that if you don’t play in a pre-made 5-man). We’ll just have to see how she plays out in the next couple weeks.MapI really dislike it. It’s confusing, incredibly difficult to defend, and it’s a massive maze with an impossible amount of angles to learn and cover. I have had this same feeling of overwhelming sensory overload with all of these new maps actually. They just have so much junk in them and they are all fairly large. Why can’t we have another house map, or something comparable? Maybe it’ll grow on me, but then again, I had that same thought about Yacht, but all these months later I still hate it. New Universal Weapon Skins/Pro League SkinsI’m really happy that there isn’t just one seasonal skin this time, AND they’re universal? *slow clap* good job. They are a bit gaudy for my taste, but aesthetically they aren’t bad, and they’re certainly better than the dustline skins.

What I really wanted to give kudos to the dev team for though were the universal matte weapon skins. I’ve been waiting for a basic red weapon skin since the games launch, because the ruby skin paints over all of the weapons accents and looks unfinished, but I couldn’t be happier with these. They are relatively cheap, and can be applied to everything. A big thumbs up from me for this part of the update. (Though I really wish every skin was universal, some of these things are just a tad too expensive to require multiple purchases.)

Before I move on, speaking of skins, the season 2 pro-league stuff is a little disappointing. It’s far more expensive than the season 1 bundle, and they were universal. For $5-$6 you could get arguably the best skin in the game and it was universal. Now, you can only get it for select operators, and you are forced to pay $7 each because it comes with a headgear/charm that you might not even want? Why was this done?New Game Mode / Surrender SystemThe concept of this new mode is pretty cool. It gives the people who want this to be a military sim something to play with for a while. But I feel it has some shortcomings. Actually a lot of shortcomings. For one, all the operators look incredibly similar at a distance. This is due largely in-part because assets de-populate when you get far away from them. So, tell-tale features like headgear, glasses and facial features all but disappear, making it very hard to know who is friend or foe at the drop of a hat.

This mode would have been much MUCH better if the teams were CTU vs terrorists like the reveal trailer showcased. Oh well.

The surrender system is a great idea, and honestly, it really should have been in from the start. It’s literally standard in every other competitive game, but I guess I’m glad you finally got this one figured out.Client Side Anti-Cheat and Related TweaksThis one is also going into the “It’s about time” file. Something that is standard with basically every other online game that’s been inexplicably missing from RB6 until now. Of course I’m glad it’s here now, and not a moment too soon, Rb6 would have basically died if we had to suffer through season 3 with virtually no way to deal with blatant cheaters.

The concept of the teamkill punishments are good, though they are easily circumvented. Now, people who would team kill simply chip your health thereby provoking you, and potentially baiting a teamkill from you, or they’ll stand in front of you, forcing a teamkill during a firefight. I think we need a dedicated teamkill report function so that people who immediately turn on you at the beginning of the round don’t get to do it 5-6 times before really actually feeling the pinch. I would like to see a week ban be handed out for the first OBVIOUS offense, followed by a month, and then permanent. Unless your teammate is legitimately handicapped, it’s impossible to legitimately “accidentally” kill a teammate within the first 5-10 seconds of a round.

Vote to kick is getting some much needed TLC. To this day I feel like people still don’t know VTK is even a thing in this game. Very recently I have instructed people to kick a toxic player only to be met with “huh, what?” etc style responses. A strong argument could be made that basic game sense and common sense would dictate how this action could be completed, but nevertheless, I think it’s good they are explaining that this is in the game.Limb ClippingThis was one of my favorite parts of the update patch notes. Basically the TL;DR version is; “We don’t know how to fix this, so now your body parts are invisible when they clip through.” Hey, it’s better than nothing I suppose.Accuracy of KillcamI personally haven’t noticed a huge bump in quality here, and you still get the alien-legs thing happen when watching someone else in the killcam, but if there are actual improvements here, then I’m all for it, because in previous season, some killcams legitimately showed the enemy shooting thin air and getting a kill. Keep improving this.Ranked Lobby Information ChangeThis is a big one, and one of the key points I personally really hate. In fact it might keep me away from ranked altogether. Why, OH WHY… would you do this? I saw the fairly large thread a few weeks ago with all the snowflakes wanting stats removed, and it looks like they got their wish. *sigh* oh well…

My main issue here is, this game is supposed to be competitive. How can you accurately compete when you don’t even know the stats of your enemy? I suppose I wouldn’t have an issue with this if the matchmaking wasn’t so bad. In previous season, I would be put on a team full of copper, bronze and low silver players, and be matched with Gold4-diamonds. Guess what? When that happens, I’m leaving. This decision seems to be more of a cover-up for terrible matchmaking than giving the players something they truly want, as I remember that thread having pretty mixed opinions on the matter.New Loadout ScreenThis update is kind of benign for me. I don’t see why you’d need it, but it doesn’t hurt anything either. If you’re playing with a pre-made squad, you can already easily communicate what each person is taking, and if you’re playing with randoms, there’s virtually no chance someone with an awful loadout is going to change their mind, or even be able to hear you telling them they need to take breach charges instead of smoke grenades. But like I said, at least the feature is in the game.

.Weapon Customisation and General Player ComfortThere is a new angle grip, which I don’t personally see the point in using, but hey, options are always good. Mainly I wanted to talk about the new zoom and sectional viewing of your weapon as you customize it. I really like this. It lets you see exactly how big a charm is, and what it looks like, as well as giving you a nice view of your shiny new skin. It does cause a bit of extra load time, but that isn’t much of a problem.

The map rotation is going to be mixed up a bit. I really hope so. There was one day where I literally only played plane. I don’t know what kind of algorithm runs your map settings, but it needs to be thrown in the garbage, and hopefully it has. Honestly, why can’t we just filter what maps we want to play on? Sure, there are preferences in the settings, but unless everyone has the same preference, it’s almost irrelevant, and most people don’t even know how to change this or that you even can.

I love the new spawn maps. Even though I’ve been playing since day-1 this can help with new maps moving forward, and even helps me remember where exactly some spawns are on vanilla maps I haven’t played in a while. And of course, this is going to lessen the learning curve a bit for new players. Big thumbs up on this one.I’m also really glad we can FINALLY choose who spawns with the defuser. Let’s be honest, there are A LOT of people who simply don’t understand how easy it is to attack when playing the bomb game mode, and they run off and get killed on the opposite side of the map, essentially dooming your team to defeat. Hopefully this change will curb those occurrences if only a little bit.

We will now also be notified when all drones are destroyed. I can’t help but think this should have been in since the beginning since we would simply be teleported back to the spawn screen with no explanation as to what happened. Thinking back I guess it should have been obvious, but even still, this just seems like a QA loose end that is only now being addressed. Better late than never I suppose.

One thing I’m also pretty happy about is the ability to have a ping and FPS overlay. Though, I REALLY wish it wasn’t in the bottom left side of the screen. Then again, there really isn’t a comfortable place to put it. Perhaps directly under or above the operator portraits? Overall a nice addition though.Seasonal Reward CharmOne of the things I was looking forward to the most was seeing what they were doing with the new reward. I’m glad they simply didn’t put an orange stripe on top of the original one and call it good (which I suspect was the original plan just looking at the design of the first one) But I really like that they made it different for the 2nd season, albeit significantly smaller. I’m not sure why it’s so small. It’s actually pretty difficult to see in-game at its current size, and it also appears to be less gold and more mustard yellow this time around. I also had an idea. Now that the character select screen uses portraits, I would like to see a border that is indicative of our previous season’s rank around our character, starting at silver. I think this would help give us an idea of our teams ability and experience at the beginning of new seasons when everyone is wiped, plus, it’s fun to show off of course. ConclusionI glossed over a lot of the PC side of things as I play on console but you can read the full patch notes at the link below if you want to know ALL the details and not just the parts I found interesting. I also skipped over the bug fixes, because there’s nothing to really say about them. I’m glad they are consistently fixing bugs, and I hope they continue to smooth out the experience in the coming months.

Overall I’m happy with the direction of this game, and I look forward to see what season 4 and year 2 have in store for us.

Rainbow Six Siege Season 3
  • Map
  • Operators
  • Patch Fixes


Season 3 brings us a very different map and some varied operators. But the post-launch support strengthen the game once more! Let's look forward to Season 4.


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