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Playing video games for 45 minutes with co-workers can improve productivity by 20%

Being unhappy means a loss in productivity.

85% of adults in the World are not engaged at work. This is where rKade can help. We know that if you show employees that you care about them, then they are more likely to be engaged. As a result – employees will become more productive.


Put your employees first and reap the rewards of that investment. Improve team morale and well-being with rKade.


The power of networking is key. Now, it's made easier with rKade - the perfect ice-breaker to help strangers become connections.

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Gaming can be an incredible tool when used in the right way.

What could your SPACE do with an extra 20% productivity?

According to the researchers at Brigham Young University, playing video games for 45 minutes with coworkers can improve productivity by 20%.

Unlike scrolling Facebook or browsing online, games are fully engaging and even give us the kind of virtual confidence boost that we might not achieve in our day-to-day work.


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Your subscription ensures games and apps are kept up to date and new content is added. Your equipment will also be health-checked.

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From incredible VR experiences to social gaming for everyone – we provide the best content to keep people happy and engaged. Maximise the potential of your kit.

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We provide challenges and suggestions depending on your audience and what you are looking to achieve. rKade helps your environment thrive.

Upon playing a video game, subjects ‘exhibited greater engagement and effective restoration’, meaning that their brain was more adept at completing tasks than before.

The University of Central Florida

Want to be part of the fun?

Improving Well-being & Productivity through Gaming.

Don’t just leave it to those rare team-building activities. Make happiness a constant priority in your space.

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The manager is either an engagement-creating coach or an engagement-destroying boss, but both relationships affect employee behaviour.

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