Welcome to rKade, the gaming community that’s accessible for casual gamers and rewarding for competitive gamers.

rKade is all about being interactive, having great quality content for our readers and bridging the gap with our fans through live streaming on our Facebook Gaming Page.

Currently engaging with 6,500 gamers across our networks and growing fast.

In 2017, we opened the first rKade pop-up store at the University of the West of England, Bristol. This is the future for rKade and if you’d like to join us on the journey as an investor, advisor or part of the rKade team, do drop us a message to introduce yourself.

Meet Kade, Creator of rKade.

My love for gaming began with games such as FIFA 98 on the original PlayStation, and Turok on the Nintendo64.

I have always played games. But, being a gamer hasn’t always been socially ‘cool’. rKade is looking to be accessible for casual gamers, and rewarding for competitive gamers.

I created rKade to provide a space where you can relax, not think too much and just soak up a load of gaming content.

Check out the rKade Website, rKade Live Streaming, rKade Social Channels & rKade Events for the full rKade experience.

rKade Website.

rKade offers gaming content, news, trailers, previews, quizes, lists and just generally anything trending in the gaming world.

Gaming is better, together. That’s why rKade allows you to create your own content.

Got a cool gaming moment on YouTube you want to promote on rKade? Want to create your own gaming-meme? Want somewhere to voice your opinion regarding a topic or want to review a game/movie.

LIVE Streaming @ rKade.

Playing games is where the content is at. That’s why rKade invites you to follow us on all our channels to know when we are live streaming some of our favourite games we love to play.

rKade Events.

rKade has been piloting rKade Pop-ups in Newport & Bristol. Bringing a physical gaming arcade/rKade for people to enjoy.

Casual gamers and competiive gamers come together in one place and can play games the way they want to – to be the best, or just for fun!

Bringing in the crowds, the entertainment and a real positive energy – rKade pop-ups have proved successful and people want more.

Our office is now located at UWE, Bristol – and we are planning for more rKade events in 2019/2020 so look out for more news across rKade.