Gran Turismo Sport E3 Trailer

Sometimes less is more. Who has the time or the desire to test out all 1226 cars in Gran Turismo 6? Would I rather better gameplay, more features or something other than just a ridiculously high number of cars? Absolutely.

This opinion was clear among the GT community. Something which the developers, Polyphony Digital, have directly addressed in the GT Sport E3 Trailer. Take a loo at it below. Gran Turismo was the first real racing sim. It was a classic on the original PlayStation 1 and has developed alongside the PlayStation’s new incarnations over the past 20 years.

But over the years, Grant Turismo lost its way, with the gamer anyway. It lost what we needed and wanted as racing fans. A clear example of this is the number of cars. Take a look at the counters we have put together that show the number of cars included in the original game, and the last Gran Turismo 6.“Join The Human Race with Gran Turismo Sport. Coming Fall 2017”This years release sees the same number of cars as the original GT and puts the focus back on competition, back on to the Sport of motor racing.

This is surely the right move that looks to rejuvenate the Gran Turismo franchise and debut its first game n the PlayStation 4 in some style! Gran Turismo Sport is coming fall 2017 on PlayStation 4.STORY BYKADE MCCONVILLECreator, rKade.

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