The Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer

In what is one of the greatest TV’s shows on tele at the moment, The Walking Dead has been getting bigger, better and all the more great to watch with every season that passes.

Season 6 is nearly upon us, so take a look at the official AMC/FOX trailer for The Walking Dead below.Thanks to Comic-Com in San Diego going on at the moment, we get a load of good stuff – this video included.

So are you looking forward to Season 6 even more so now? It definitely looked amazing to me!

Share your thoughts below. The Walking Dead Season 6 begins this October, 2015.


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Written by Kade McConville

I created rKade, hence the name! My favourite game has to be Uncharted 2 - I was 16 when that game come out and it was just huge. My favourite film is Back to the Future, closely followed by Die Hard, of course.

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