Happy Birthday PlayStation 2!!

Happy Birthday Buddy!!

March 4th, 2000 was the day the World welcomed its newest creation weighing in a 4.9 pounds, named by parents Sony, as the PlayStation 2. This was the day I really started to love gaming – FIFA 2001 anyone? Bonus points for anyone who remembers who was the cover star that year…

Kids these days are blessed with hard drives. The struggle was real in the 2000s...
Kids these days are blessed with hard drives. The struggle was real in the 2000’s…

Boasting a DVD player (wow at the time!) this was a media giant and is still the greatest selling console of all time! It was also one of the first console to delve into the realms of online gaming. That’s right, it was always lobbies on Call of Duty, we were limited to getting your mates around with a multi-tap connector to allow everyone to play at once! The Sega Dreamcast was the competition at the time, but the PS2 smashed that to pieces and enjoyed total domination for years to come.

So in celebration on its 15th birthday, we would like you to share your favourite memories or games of the PS2 era, so make sure you hit us up in the comment section below so we can all look back to some amazing moments we all had when we were younger.

That's right, it was Scholesy LAD.
That’s right, it was Scholesy LAD.

GTA III was utterly ground-breaking when it came out. Even though San Andreas was on another level, without GTA III, San Andreas wouldn’t even have been imaginable. But my personal hero was GTA: Vice City. The 80’s soundtrack, the look, the possibilities, just everything about that game I loved. Believe it or not, Vice City came out just 1 whole year after GTA III – we are now used to a 4 year cycle with Grand Theft Auto games. We must have been spoilt then!

What a game.
What a game.

Metal Gear Solid 2 and Burnout were fun games for me too. But I’m just getting the ball rolling. Don’t forget to have your say in the comments below!

Ahh the memories…


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