Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Worse than the Prequels?

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force AwakensThe latest Star Wars film ‘The Force Awakens’ is smashing records, with only Avatar in its way for all-time worldwide highest grossing film.

Yet one Star Wars fan has made a video suggesting that the latest film in the saga is possibly the worst yet! It sounds pretty unbelievable, I know. But give this guy a chance and he may even start to sway your opinion on the film!



So turn back now if you are one of the very few who have not seen this film yet! And if you have not, what have you been doing with yourself?

Before I had stumbled across this video, I left the cinema having watched Star Wars The Force Awakens absolutely loving the film.

I loved the new characters, especially Rey – what a beaut of a woman! Finn also has an interesting backstory, but as mentioned in the video, it is never explored fully.

Now there is a side of me that can’t help but agree with some pretty valid points made here in this video. Is Episode VII the equivalent of a TV Series Pilot? I think so.

JJ. Abrams, who directed star Wars Episode VII of course, has responded to these claims of stealing the plot theme from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. You can check out the full podcast HERE.“WE GO BACKWARDS IN SOME WAYS TO GO FORWARDS IN THE IMPORTANT WAYS.”What were your thought on Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens? Has this guy’s video put a downer on the film a little bit like it has for me? Make sure you have your say in the comments below. At the time of posting, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has taken in a staggering box office total of $1.591bn worldwide!


What do you think?

Written by Kade McConville

I created rKade, hence the name! My favourite game has to be Uncharted 2 - I was 16 when that game come out and it was just huge. My favourite film is Back to the Future, closely followed by Die Hard, of course.

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